To Serve the Underserved

May 7, 2013

I have to confess something rather embarassing.. Whole this time, after I spent more than 3 years on this company, just now I know the company’s vision.. haha auch!

I’m attending CAP training provided by my company, it’s about Change Acceleration Program.
One of the lesson is the need to share needs.
As an example, the trainer took our company shared vision, it is ‘To Serve the Underserved’.

Something tickles me about that vision.. Not that it sounds like Justice League motto or what, but something else..

The target on that vision is the underserved. We can’t avoid that on this airline business, the underserved is much related to people with low economy, whom before this company operates, perhaps thinking that flying is a very very high class and rather impossible for them..

So, the vision is to serve the underserved.. If I were given this vision, I -and perhaps most people- will think on how to reach the underserved people. How to make they to be not afraid by our system, to be less hassled by our system..

But in the end, that is not what this company do.. They still go with internet booking, credit card payment, mobile check-in, etc that perhaps most people is still not aware and get use to it.
For mid class economy I think it’s not a problem, but for a low class, I personally think it will be kind of a long battle..

By still doing it, encouraging people to do it, I see that this company afters its vision in other way..
Not by going down to reach people, but creating, developing and encouraging a system, a culture that leverage people..

I believe it will be hard, especially in Indonesia..
But when the company encouraging the people to be with them, the vision can be clearly seen and the famous tagline is not just words, it’s true that Now Everyone Can Fly..

*Tue, May 7, 2013.. Inside DAMRI bus, going home


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