Published Paper: Development of Rocket-based Vehicle Preliminary Design Software

February 11, 2009

Author : Putra Pradipta and Robertus Heru Triharjanto

Abstract– The paper discusses the development of software used in the preliminary design of rocket-based vehicle. The input of the software is the characteristics of the propulsion system used and the rocket’s target (final speed, altitude, and attitude). The output of the rocket is the rocket configuration (mass, dimension, number of stages), the rocket’s attitude control requirements as well as its flight path and stage drop zones (if required). The software is developed using MATLAB engine. The software performs 3-dimensional analysis of the rocket movement, in which the result can be displayed with respect to inertial or Earth coordinates. The aerodynamics parameters are predicted using standard close-form calculation and empirical data, and the atmosphere is modeled until 80 km from sea level using International Standard Atmosphere.
The validation of the software is done by comparing the software’s flight simulation result with the flight performance data from the flight of Japan’s L4S and Indian’s PSLV.  Civilian problem example presented here is the design of Nano-satellite orbiter using LAPAN’s standard rocket motor of diameter 420 and 320 mm. To demonstrate that the software can be used to design a ballistic rocket for military purposes, a problem of designing an Inter-Regional Ballistic Missile using LAPAN’s standard 530 mm rocket motor.


Publication : International Joint Seminar in Engineering 2008, August 4th – 5th. Jakarta, Indonesia.

Contact us at for more discussion and file sharing about this paper.


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